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Version History

For those of you with nothing better to do, here is a full list of the versions released...

Date Version Comments
4th Oct '11 1.1 Included the Stylable Label, Stylable Static Label, Labelled Group and Static Image Viewer controls
5th Oct '11 1.2 Fixes a small bug whereby the first control inside the Labelled Group would be slightly indented
6th Oct '11 (about 4pm) 1.3 The two stylable labels can now have a border and/or drop shadow set (both off by default)
6th Oct '11 (about 9pm) 1.4 Added the Stylable Textbox, Spacer, Horizontal and Vertical Divider controls, added "italic" as an option on all font settings, and expanded the list of colours in all relevant controls to use all system colours
9th Oct '11 1.5 Fixed a vertical alignment bug in the Labelled Group control
10th Oct '11 1.6 Added a Web Link control, and modified the Stylable TextBox to support multiline
11th Oct '11 1.7 Added text wrapping to the Stylable TextBox
11th Oct '11 (about 20 mins later) 1.8 Added text wrapping to the Stylable Label and Stylable Static Label
5th Mar '12 1.9 Added the MailLink control, and made some minor enhancements based on user feedback
6th Mar '12 1.10 Added the Toast control
7th Mar '12 1.11 Changed the default background for the two stylable labels to "none" instead of white
1st May '12 1.12 The Toast control now queues up toasts, instead of just killing the current one
9th May '12 1.13 Fixed a bug that prevented the two stylable labels from centre or right-aligning if the text needed to wrap
25th May '12 (in the wee hours) 1.14 The designer properties for the Static Image Viewer and both stylable labels now uses a slider control instead of a text box
3rd June '12 1.15 Added the Static Toolbar control
17th June '12 1.16 Added the Application Information control
5th July '12 1.17 Added the Web Image and Static Web Image controls
19th Sept '12 1.18 Changed the default foreground colour for the Stylable Textbox to black (which it should have been before!)
11th Oct '12 1.19 Changed the WebLink control so that is exposes the underlying HyperlinkButton
10th Mar '13 1.20 Added the Expandable Panel control
14th Mar '13 1.21 Fixed a bug in the Expandable Panel control which caused it to crash if the header text was empty
18th Mar '13 1.22 Improved the way the attached labels are handled for the Expandable Panel and its children
19th Mar '13 1.23 Added a setting to the Expandable Panel that allows it to be expanded when first loaded
3rd Apr '13 1.24 The Expandable Panel now has a public property that you can use to change the expanded state from code
11th Apr '13 1.25 Fixed a bug in the Stylable Label and Stylable Static Label that caused a crash when they were added to a screen
11th Apr '13 (a few minutes later) 1.26 Added some missing properties to the Stylable Label
14th Apr '13 1.27 Modified the colour picker that shows in the Properties panel of many of the controls, so you can now type in a specific colour, as well as picking one with the mouse from the colour swatch
15th Apr '13 1.28 Changed the supported data type for the Dynamic Image Viewer and Dynamic Colour Viewer so that they now show up correctly. They were in previous releases, but only supported for SByte, as I hadn't fully tested them, and was side-tracked by bug-fixes and extra features for other controls
16th Apr '13 1.29 Added events to the Expandable Panel for when it is expanded and collapsed. I also modified the colour picker, so you should be able to enter colour names as well as hex values
23rd Apr '13 1.30 Fixed a bug in the Dynamic Image Viewer and Dynamic Colour Viewer, whereby VS2012 would display the underlying integer value behind the image or colour block if they were fairly small.
24th Apr '13 1.31 Fixed another bug in the Dynamic Image Viewer, that caused the wrong image to be displayed when the control was in a grid, you had written your computed column's code to return zero as one of its options, and then you sorted the grid.
25th Apr '13 1.32 Fixed an issue with the Dynamic Image Viewer and Dynamic Colour Viewer whereby a non-critical exception was thrown if the data value was null.
5th Jun '13 1.33 The Stylable Textbox now includes a TextAlignment property.
21st Nov '13 1.34 No actual changes to the controls, but I updated the manifest file so that Visual Studio 2013 recognises the controls.